22 maart 2009

Scrap-a-licious 2009

Last friday I attended the Scrap-a-licious event in Veghel organised by Corinne Delis. I only went on friday : ( , wish I could have been there all weekend. Below a few pics of the things we created. We had a workshop from Dina Wakely (How to work with Spray Ink), second was a workshop with Martha Bonneau (Altering Books), third was making a mini-book with fabulous free-styler Corinne and last but not least was supposed to be a workshop card making by Nancy van den Berg, but unfortunately Nancy wasn't able to be there. Corinne replaced her and did a great job!! When following Dina's workshop, she did a little lottery. It was the first time since ever that I won a prize: Some fabulous Sheer Overlays from Hambly's Yeeeeeeehhh!!!! Looking at my work what I made last friday I have to conclude that I'm not really good at free-styling. I love the style, but I'm nog very good at it. The way that Dina and Corinne make something beautifull just in a few minutes is really awsome, but when I try to make something just in a few minutes it ends up very messy!!

This card was my favourite.
I also met some new nice scrapbookers who are just as addicted as I am. It was great to be around you girls! Thanks 4 the nice day! Maybe will meet again some other event?? I'll try to keep in contact by visiting your blogs. When you visit my blog, please do leave a message (in Dutch is OK ofcourse!)
LoveXXX Nicole

2 opmerkingen:

  1. vond het super gezellig dat je er was en dat je het leuk hebt gevonden :)


  2. Hoi Nicole,

    Leuk dat je me hebt gevonden!! Hahhaha zie dat Corinne iedereen heeft gevonden!
    Geweldig weekend was het, hoop je nog eens vaker te zien, groetjes Marleen.